Wooden puzzles (49)

Wooden puzzles for kids (25)

Wooden notebook (32)

Wooden handbag (5)

CreatifWood is a Franco-Ukrainian family business, which produces handcrafted wooden accessories. We design original products, all made in wood, so we can surprise and amaze you.

Very proud of the result, our passion pushes us to offer you high quality wooden puzzles with a very colorful iconic design! Among the pieces of your puzzle, you will find figures related to your model.

Our wooden Notebook and Sketchbook are perfect for those who like to keep their thoughts or sketches on paper. Elegant, presentable, practical. Thanks to the wooden cover, the notebook will not go unnoticed and will delight you for a long time.

Natural and ecological materials: entirely made of wood.

The perfect gift for every occasion!

High quality.

Made in Ukraine.

We are proud of our products

When assembling our puzzles, you will meet the witnesses of each story. Each piece of the puzzle reveals it as you go. You will find animals, plants, many monuments and other objects related to your model.

The puzzle itself is made of 4mm thick wooden plywood cut using a high precision laser. This ensures that all parts fit together perfectly.

Each piece is comfortable to hold in your hands. The aroma of natural wood will create a special magic when assembling the puzzle.

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