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3D cardboard sculpture puzzles are a category of puzzles that combine the assembly of cardboard pieces with the creation of a three-dimensional sculpture. These puzzles are usually made from high-quality cardboard cut into individual pieces with specific shapes. Each piece fits perfectly into the others, creating a three-dimensional sculpture. Assembling these 3D cardboard puzzle-sculptures is a fun and stimulating process. Each piece must be carefully inserted into the corresponding slots to build the sculpture as a whole. It may be necessary to follow the instructions supplied with the puzzle to ensure the correct order of the pieces. Once assembled, these 3D cardboard sculptures can be used as decorative elements in the home or office. They can also be kept as collector's items or given as gifts to friends and family. 3D cardboard puzzle-sculptures offer a unique puzzle experience, combining playfulness with the creation of a three-dimensional work of art. They are popular with both puzzle and art lovers, and are a great way to spend time creatively.