Wooden world maps CreatifWood : diversify your interior!

When it comes to timeless interior design, wood has always been the first choice. After all, no other material for furniture or wall decor is as adaptable and pleasing to the eye while giving the home a historic and rustic, contemporary and modern look… Thanks to its delicate and durable nature, wood is the perfect complement to a nursery, living room or office you’re dreaming of renovating.

3 reasons why the wooden map is perfect for your interior

If you’re looking for spatial design ideas, consider incorporating wood accessories into your home. Whether you don’t have the budget to work with a professional designer or you just like to make your home an aesthetic attraction, CreatifWood has something to help you in the process. When everything is ready, it’s time to add accessories. Chances are, your room already has some wood elements. And why not on the walls?

The design of the map creates a sense of unity with nature
Compared to most decorative elements, interior wood wall decor is environmentally friendly and less harmful to users. Placing the wooden map on your wall will give you a strong feeling that a small piece of the outside is still there.

The natural look of each wooden map gives people a sense of closeness to nature, less stressed, relaxed, and somehow safe. Those who spend more time indoors will benefit.

Travel decorations are an incentive to plan new trips.
Always at the heart of a geeky traveler’s home interior, the CreatifWood map stands out for its aesthetic design, textures, attention to detail, and intense yet pleasing colors.

Not only will you improve your knowledge of geography, but you’ll be inspired for a new journey! Maybe you know someone who goes on adventures? The beautiful color palettes of this travel setting make travel memories more exciting while asking, “Where can you go next?”

The decor of the house brings a lot of comfort.
We know that interior design is more art than science. That’s why our wooden world map will beautify and personalize the space without having to renovate it. A handmade world map will create a pleasant place and add comfortable vibes to your home.

The quality of the wooden world maps is incredibly durable. Needless to say, each product is designed to last for generations. Your purchase will stand the test of time and require little maintenance (no time soon!).

So why not check out a wide range of world maps to make your contemporary home feel warm?

Or maybe you have already installed a CreatifWood map in your house? Let us discover your creations!