Wooden Puzzle

How to Glue a Wooden Puzzle ?

The most common methods of gluing a wooden puzzle are to use puzzle glue or wood glue, although you can also use wallpaper glue, fabric glue or even PVC glue. In this article, I will guide you step by step to explain how to glue a puzzle on a wooden board.

Some Tips Before Gluing Your Puzzle

  • Be sure to put a protective cover on your workspace to prevent glue from spilling anywhere!
  • Use parchment or wax paper (non-stick and waterproof) and slide it carefully under your puzzle. Avoid using newspaper as it tends to stick, which could lead to major damage.

How to Glue a Puzzle on a Wooden Board ?

I guarantee you that it is not complicated and that with a little patience, you will easily succeed! So, if you’re ready, let’s go!

First, you will need to find a wooden board large enough to hold your puzzle. You can easily find them in DIY stores or in department stores.

Once you have found your board, you will need to lightly sand it with sandpaper to remove any surface defects. Then you will need to clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove dust and any sanding residue. Once your board is ready, you can move on to the next step.

The next step is to apply a white base coat to your board. This will bring out the colors of your puzzle better and protect it from scratches. You can use spray paint or paint with a brush or roller depending on what you have available. White paint for kids will also work well. In any case, you will need to let your white background dry for at least 30 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Once your white background layer is dry, you can start gluing your puzzle (front + back). To do this, you will need a puzzle glue. You can find them in DIY stores or directly in supermarkets. You can also order some online or choose our wooden puzzle glue kit.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have enough glue to cover your entire puzzle before you start gluing. The label on the bottle, box or package should indicate the surface area (size or number of pieces) you can cover using the product.

Once you have your puzzle glue, you will need to apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the wooden puzzle. You can use a brush or a small paint roller. Once you have applied glue to the back of all the pieces of your puzzle, position the wooden puzzle on the gluing surface and press gently to help it adhere. Start at the edges of the puzzle and work your way in. Once all the pieces are glued, you will need to let your wooden puzzle dry for at least 24 hours before moving it.

Don’t worry too much about the immediate visual aspect. You may notice a few small air bubbles. These normally resolve as the adhesive dries to leave a uniform finish. Once your puzzle is dry, you can move and manipulate it with ease. If you wish, you can also apply a coat of varnish to protect it from possible scratches.

Now you know how to glue a puzzle to a wooden board!

Why Glue a Wooden Puzzle?

There are many reasons why people like to glue wooden puzzles.

  1. Gluing your puzzles is a great way to keep your work for years to come.
  2. You can frame it and hang it anywhere to enjoy.
  3. No need to disassemble your puzzle after having spent several hours assembling it.