Adults and Children

Types Of Wooden Puzzles For Adults And Children

True puzzle lovers know that wooden puzzles and 3D puzzles are the most challenging and entertaining types of puzzles. But with all the versions and variations available, it can be hard to know which type of puzzle to choose and which ones are best for adults and children. That’s why Creatifwood offers a wide range of wooden puzzles suitable for all ages and sensibilities. Whether it’s a 3D wooden puzzle with hundreds of pieces or a simple wooden puzzle with less than 100 pieces, there are plenty of puzzles for everyone. To help you choose your next puzzle, we’ve put together this list of puzzles for kids and adults.

Adult Wooden Puzzles

  • Wooden Puzzle

Wooden puzzles for adults are often the most difficult and are ideal for beginners or experienced adults. These puzzles tend to be more complex than 1000 piece puzzles, and the pieces are usually quite small and irregularly shaped. Sometimes wooden puzzles with a high number of pieces have irregular shapes instead of interlocking pieces, which adds to the challenge. The large puzzles are ideal for families to do together because everyone can focus on the solution on their side of the puzzle.

  • Round Wooden Puzzle

If you’re looking for a unique play experience, we recommend you try our round wooden puzzles. These puzzles have the same style of pieces as their square or rectangular counterparts, but in a round shape that makes solving the puzzle more difficult. Round puzzles are also very popular as wall decorations when finished because of their unusual shape.

  • 3D Wooden Puzzle

Some people prefer 3D puzzles designed vertically and horizontally. These puzzles come in a variety of designs and themes. They can be a real challenge to put together, and the end result is an original work of art.

Children’s Wooden Puzzles

At Creatifwood, we have a wide range of wooden puzzles for children. Our children’s puzzles are attractive, entertaining and educational, while stimulating your child’s creativity and reasoning skills. The following types of puzzles are ideal for children of all ages.

  • Wooden Puzzles Animals

Some of the most fun kids wooden puzzles to make are puzzles that have different shapes when put together, like cats, cars or houses. There are also unique puzzles where the pieces themselves are shaped like animals, trees or flowers.

About Creatifwood

Our extensive collection of wooden puzzles includes challenging designs for adults, perfect for solving alone or in groups. We also offer a wide range of beginner puzzles, perfectly suited for children, with bright colors, easy-to-handle pieces and a smaller number of pieces. We offer puzzles in a variety of sizes, complexity, illustrations and themes.